Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wow it's been a whole year! I can't believe my last blog has been almost a whole year ago!
My kindergarden baby is almost through with first grade! On that note, I do think that facebook ate all my "good stuff" so with that being said look for more Anrie Alizabeth on there. More photography centered than kiddo centered. A girl can have both!
Setting up some kiddos and baby shoots as we speak for the next chapter of Anrie Alizabeth, an ongoing process of capturing moments and learning as we go.
I wish I was outside right now shooting pics ... the light is just at that right spot. The one that makes everyone and everything look magical.

Easter is tomorrow ! looking forward to capturing some great moments with O and my new niece baby J


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

done been graduated but still learnng ....

so I've been out of college for a few years .. ok too many to count, and my kindergardener had come home with quite a few jewels or come up with some in the last two weeks
some of my favs would be these..
AMERHAM LINCOLN was a man who didn't like SLAVERS and there was a big war and it was a SILVER war ....

I get to sit with Kallie on the bus now because Kalli and her boyfriend "BROKE" I don't know how they broke, but it happens and now she will just sit with me. I told her boys are bad news anyway, except for daddy and orion.

While playing with her surfer dude barbie named TIM and her new hannah montana doll she renamed the barbie dude JOHN MC CAIN and then hannah and john mc cain spent the night talking about getting married and not getting married... in the end hannah decided she wasn't going to marry john mc cain...

So far that's it...

Face Book Ate all my blog time

Sorry people. I sit here feeling like a bad bad blogger mommie. not only have i not been blogging but I have been facebooking instead... my total bad. On a side note I do promise to try and be better. Or maybe I will just go and eat some peanut butter m& M's and think about being better.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Flies!

Well considering that it's the end of November and Tgiving is two days away or so ... Having 3 kiddos and a new kindergardener and a new baby (not to mention the tornado we affectionatly call Ruby) I guess I do have my hands full and time to blog is a thing of the past!
There isn't really a purpose to this one so much as a random hello I am still here kinda thing...
so have a happy turkey day ... well not so happy if you are a turkey but still have a fun week

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day of school !!! 1st day of school!!!

Well guys it's here and only one hour in and I am getting a little lonely for my miss e!
She started kindergarten today, and while she seems to be fine... I am not so lucky! i know she's all ready to go to school, but i just want to make sure that as a new kindergarden parent I do all the stuff I need to and let her grow with the space she needs but also stays close enough to be a good parent and be tuned in. how does one do that? I guess we'll find out in the next 12 years !
I think O dogg ( as my brother calls him) knew I needed a little bit of love today so he smiled at me and looked at me at the same time today...His first time smiling at me and really looking at me, which is a huge deal for a mom !
Anyway the kitchen timer is on counting down... not to how long it will be before a cake gets out of the oven but until I can go get my baby girl only 5 hours and 37 mins to go....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I spy something green...

Ok blogger fans ( all two of you ) hold on... I will be posting twice in one day!!!! I just hope this types out as funny as it happened in the car on the way home from the sprinkler park. Micah was laughing so hard he almost had to pull the van over and I was trying to help drive but I was choking on my blizzard...
We're playing i spy which with a 5 and 3 year old is somewhat limiting as are the knock knock jokes they tell but still we plug on...
we made one rule and the thing you spied had to be in the car...
It was my turn and I spied something green
Miss E guesses the grass outside...
Micah guesses O's nukie
it was the temp light in the car
Miss e's turn to go and she spies something green
I guess the grass outside (cause I wasn't sure if she got the rules )
Micah guesses O's nukie
It was something random in the car
Micah's turn to go and he spies something green...
Evie goes oh I know !! It's the grass!!!
( it was the nukie)
ok this was way funnier in person... but still omg
gotta love the babies!

We already had a bath once this week!

today over breakfast (cinnamon toast crunch & bananas ) I told my two daughters that in addition to any fun we'd be having this day that we'd also be having a bath at some point. To which my almost 6 yr old replies but mom... we already had a bath once this week!

OMG seriously i know that summer is a time of relaxation and technically when you swim everyday you are by default sort of clean anyway, but no way am i going to be starting off the year of kindergarten with the stinky kid in class... Buy stock in soap kids we're going to be getting squeaky....